MetaBeauts NFT

MetaBeauts is a hockey-themed NFT project dedicated to making the great sport of hockey more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Stanley Cup Finals Giveaway

Find out how to win our Stanley Cup Finals Giveaway for 2

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Who are the MetaBeauts?

MetaBeauts are a collection of 4,444 hand-drawn legends, grinding their way to glory in the Meta Hockey League. Designed by Tony Siruno, these NFTs showcase the classic traits that make hockey players unique.

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MetaBeauts NFT


Renowned Artist for an Academy Award-winning Film

Tony Siruno

Previous work includes: Illumination Entertainment, Nickelodeon Animation, Warner Brothers Animation Group, Reel FX, Paramount Animation, Bento Box, Marvel Studios, and Sony Pictures Animation community.
Tony won an Oscar for Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse.

Space Jam - A New Legacy
Spider-Man - Into the Spiderverse
Kung Fu Panda
The Croods
How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon 2
MetaBeauts Season Ticket - Silver

Season Ticket = Allowlist

Season tickets are your exclusive access pass to the MetaBeauts NFT Presales (PreSeason 1 and 2).

Ways to get your Season Ticket

Win a Season Ticket

Buy a Season Ticket

  • Purchase a Season Ticket
  • For those who want a guaranteed spot on our allowlist


Pay with USD or Crypto

Season Ticket Benefits & Details

  • 1 Season Ticket per wallet
  • Mint up to 3 MetaBeauts NFTs per wallet
  • Access to “Exclusive” MetaBeauts NFT Giveaways
  • Access to “Season Ticket Holder only” Merch Store at launch
  • Special OG Badge for access to exclusive Discord channels
  • Season Tickets are NFTs that will be airdropped retrospectively
  • Future Launchpad Benefits and additional Staking Rewards
  • Season Tickets have no influence on the rarity of your minted MetaBeauts NFTs.

PreSeason 1 - Season Ticket Holders (1-750)

  • Mint at least 1 MetaBeauts NFT receive a “one-of-a-kind” collectible jersey.

PreSeason 2 - Season Ticket Holders (751-1500)

  • Mint at least 1 MetaBeauts NFT and receive an OG Original Beaut T-shirt.
  • PreSeason 2 Tickets will go on sale once PreSeason 1 Tickets are completely sold out.
Collectible MetaBeauts Jersey
Original Beaut

The Team

Our team includes an Academy Award-winning artist, a doctor and financier, an inventor and entrepreneur, a tech guru, graphic designer, coder, a YouTuber and NFT influencer, a production specialist, a social connector and elite community builder. By carefully adding talented team members, we are creating an organization that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

True Stanley Cup Champions!

MetaBeauts Team


Our Roadmap

Warm Ups

  • IRL Event - Let’s Play Hockey Expo
  • Community Building
  • Brand Partnership Development: Flow Hockey, US Pond Hockey, WOW Factor Sports, Hockey Finder
  • Influencer Partnerships: TBA

Period 1

Season Tickets Available (1500 total)

  • PreSeason 1: 750 Tickets
  • PreSeason 2: 750 Tickets
  • Season Ticket Giveaways


  • Access to mint in PreSeason 1 or 2
  • Mint up to 3 MBs per ticket/wallet
  • Access to Private MB Merch Store
  • Access to exclusive MB NFT Giveaways
  • Special OG Badge for access to exclusive Discord channels
  • First 750 Season Ticket Holders to Mint at least 1 MB receive a "one-of-a-kind" Physical Collectible
  • Second 750 Season Ticket Holders to Mint at least 1 MB receive "special" Merchandise.

Period 2

Season Opener (Public Mint)

  • 20% - MetaBeauts NFTs Giveaways to OG discord members
  • 40% - $15,000 donation fund will be given to the Herb Brooks Foundation.
  • 60% - Exclusive Merchandise Store Established. Hats, t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, pucks and much more. Flex your MBs merch. Additional MetaBeauts NFT Giveaways to discord members.
  • 80% - Mobile game development initiated. A donation fund of $25,000 will be given to a charity or charities determined by community vote.
  • 100% - Stanley Cup Finals Giveaway (flight, hotel & game tickets for 2)
    Community Foundation Fund of $50,000 is launched. Create, design, develop, or build something that the community values (e.g. extra utility for MBs, additional art, memes, etc.) and receive funding from the MB team.

A percentage of OpenSea royalties will go into the community wallet forever!

Period 3

  • Day 1 - Public Mint
  • Day 2 - Gender & Position Reveal
  • Day 3 - Status & Level Reveal
  • Day 4 - Full Reveal
  • Day 21 - Staking Site Live
  • Day 30 - Snapshot of OG Holders (since mint day) for giveaway
  • Day 45 - Total giveaway - 5 ETH (10 x 0.5 ETH)
  • Q3 2022 - Launchpad established
  • Q4 2022 - Mobile Game Development


  • Metaverse Land Purchase
  • Play to Earn Game - MetaBeauts - Meta Hockey League (MHL)
  • First Annual MBs Hockey Expo
  • Potential Animated Shorts & Series
  • MetaBeauts DAO established

Frequently Asked Questions

The MetaBeauts Season Ticket is a guaranteed spot in one of the presales (PreSeason 1 & 2). Season tickets will be available for purchase (via fiat or ETH) from our website, for those who want to secure their spot. Season Tickets will also be given away on Twitter and Discord, as well as awarded to discord members who show great community stewardship. Each ticket will include a retrospective NFT drop (TBD) that will unlock future perks.

$99.00 FIAT or ETH

@BigSwedeNFT.eth – CoFounder & Technical Director

@UncleBurner.eth – Co-Founder & Creative Director

@DocGNFT.eth – Co-Founder & Project Director

@ElTeegsNFT.eth – Co-Founder & Partner Director

@Tboz | Artist – Artist & Character Designer

Tony Siruno @Tboz – Academy Award-Winning Artist & Character Designer

There are 4,444 MetaBeauts available & 250 will be randomly minted by the MetaBeauts team for marketing and giveaway purposes.

MetaBeauts PreSeason 1 (pre-sale 1) will go live for the first 750 qualified “Season Ticket” holders on TBD. MetaBeauts PreSeason 2 (pre-sale 2) will go live for the second 750 qualified “Season Ticket” holders on TBD. Minting for the rest of the public will then be available 3 days later, on GameDay (TBD). This will ensure our biggest supporters have a chance to mint while keeping gas fees reasonable.

Official Mint Website: TBD

Yes! The Presale mint limit will be set at 3 MetaBeauts per wallet to ensure the public has a chance to mint during the normal launch.

A: For guaranteed access to the two presales, you can purchase your ‘Season Ticket’ at:

B: Discord Stewardship – Consistent delivery of information, offering new users assistance and delivering value to the community will be randomly awarded by the Admin team.

C. Discord & Twitter Giveaways

Yes. You will be able to mint 6x MetaBeauts per tx. This prevents bots from sweeping, so everyone has a chance.

No. Your MetaBeauts NFTs will be revealed in 2 consecutive day stages once 100% of MetaBeauts have sold out. In the meantime, you will see a MetaBeauts designed thumbnail in place of the actual art.

Yes. See in our GamePlan.

Once MetaBeauts reaches 100% sold out, every MetaBeauts NFT holder will be entered to win the Stanley Cup Finals Giveaway (flight, hotel & game tickets for 2).

More to come on this in the future!

One of our main goals at MetaBeauts HQ is to develop a P2E game, where holders will be able to use their MetaBeauts NFT(s) as their player(s).

Yes! We will be hosting several IRL events.

  • Monthly MetaBeauts Meet ups
  • BeautCon – @US Pond Hockey Championship 2023
  • BeautBox – @Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament 2023 – first 50 holders to claim watch from the box
  • BeautFest – Music Festival – TBA

Yes! Our community wallet will be used to develop, create, or design something that the MetaBeauts community decides on collectively. At 100% sold out, we will be depositing $50,000 into this fund and it will be available for the public to see any transactions. This money is to be invested in ideas and vision for the benefits of the whole MetaBeauts community.

A percentage of OpenSea royalties will go into the community wallet forever!

Yes! COMING SOON! We will have merch for purchase at:

See “Overtime” in our GamePlan.

You can level up by engaging with the server and staying active in chat. Leveling up allows you to unlock new roles that we will be using for giveaways, promotions, and PreSeason access. PreSeason access will be for our TopBeauts who are dedicated stewards of the MetaBeauts Discord Community.

New to NFTs?

Check out Coach’s Corner and learn how to trade NFTs through our step-by-step instructional video series.